my webkinz


The pet of the month medallions will float around on December 1st. It would be cool if they could do a different colored ones!Goo-Goo Berries will float on by starting December 5th for a several days! You’ve grabbed them in Go-Go Googles, now here is your chance again to grab some for your pets!

New contest

hey people i have a new contest coming out, it is about webkinz (duh) but that’s not the subject you tell me the best outfit you can think of and i will give the winner an exclusive item!!! so leave your username and your outfit idea and you might win


hey people, i can add you on my webkinz list to show people who they can add on their webkinz friend list mine is alidr so add me and i can add you!

dudes all o fmy punctuation is really wierd this is supposed tobe a question mark É and this is a forward slash é and bunny ears È and a comma è heck i will just show you all of it ^çà;è,.é'”ÉÈ:¨ÇÀ like what the heck


yo all of my people, i am kinda new at this, so come back if you are bored with me already

Hello world!

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